Petrom8 is the brain child of fuel industry stalwart, Dan Mulally. 

Petrom8 is an exciting opportunity to introduce a different management technique to petroleum service in Australia. Along with a strong field staff support network, capable administration personnel and the SAFE M8 Safety Management System, Petrom8 will set a new standard in Petroleum Service, nationally. 

Careful strategic study has allowed our talented team to create, develop and 8 Petroleum Service Streams, individually identified and capitalized for growth. 

The aim is to ensure all aspects pertaining to Petroleum related infrastructure installation and services are accessible and micromanaged by the focused individual service departments.  Our dedication to the health and well being of our fantastic field staff is paramount to the success of PetroM8.  

Petrom8 maintains a FAMILY FIRST attitude, as well as a Young Technician Introduction Program to allow young, entry level technicians to gain access to the Australian Petroleum Industry.  

At the launch of Petrom8 in late 2016 Dan said,

“I am proud to introduce to the Australian Petroleum Industry … Petrom8 Pty Ltd, and I look forward to providing a fresh, professional and enthusiastic approach to servicing our great industry, here in Australia.”