What we do

Petrom8 specialises in new works, upgrades, maintenance, servicing and repairs for all fuel installations in the eastern states of mainland Australia, soon to expand to South Australia and later country wide.  Petrom8 can help you with expert advice for any capital works or repairs relating to fuel infrastructure. 

How we do it

Safely.  Petrom8’s top priority is safety.  Petrom8 takes note of the policies released by Safe Work Australia, the Australian Government statutory agency with responsibility for work health and safety.  All of our people are given extensive safety training from ensuring all safety permits are obtained to site safety and safe work procedures.  Petrom8 is committed to safety and proudly operates our customized OHS + E Management System– SAFE M8 – to further promote, utilize, develop and manage petroleum specific OHS+E activities, formalized in a streamlined system in conjunction with the IM8 Work Plan System. 

Efficiently.  Petrom8 has adopted procedures for all work types and its people are all trained to do the job with accuracy, economy and efficiency.  Petrom8 provides its people with all the necessary tools and accoutrements so that they are not only efficient and safety conscious but also present well on site.

Who we do it for

Owners or operators of fuel storage facilities, service stations, depots or any fuel installation.  Petrom8 operatives have experience with fuel sites of large oil companies, bus, ferry and road transport operators including government, public and private industry, the independent fuel sector and rural sites.  Petrom8 will also undertake works for builders and head contractors engaged in fuel infrastructure works.